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Jasmine McCray is an accomplished real estate agent, who prides herself on providing top-notch representation to both homeowners and prospective buyers. Her unwavering commitment to her clients is exemplified by her attentive listening skills and her exceptional ability to negotiate successful transactions.


Her passion for caring about others has been a defining characteristic throughout her career, which includes extensive experience as a nurse and cosmetologist. She brings this same level of dedication and care to her clients in the real estate industry.

Jasmine's expertise extends beyond just the traditional buying and selling process. She is also known for her innovative marketing strategies, including showcasing homes on her personalized website and utilizing a network of professional service providers, including stagers, painters, designers, handymen, and inspectors.

With her by your side, you can expect a communicative, thorough, and detail-oriented approach that leaves no stone unturned. Clients choose to work with Jasmine not only for her full-service approach, but also for her unwavering ethics, extensive experience, and unmatched expertise. Jasmine's track record of success is evidence of her ability to exceed her client's expectations. She goes above and beyond to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience, making her the perfect partner for all of your real estate needs.

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